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"This is the church finest hours! Great things are beginning to happen in the land. God is releasing upon the church a POWERFUL and FRESH ANOINTING for the FINAL HARVEST of SOULS and the PERFECTING of the BRIDE. Get Ready!

Dr. Joy Alu

Rev. Dr. Joy Alu

Born in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa, Dr. Joy is a dynamic woman of the word with overwhelming passion for the un-churched and the lost. She is a co-director and the President of the Global Restoration Empowerment Ministries Inc. (GREM Inc.) and Global Restoration Empowerment Bible School (GREBS) located in Georgia with new openings coming soon.

Dr. Joy is an ordained minister of the gospel. Besides conducting miracle clinics and seminars, she is a frequent speaker in Conferences and Revivals in many nations. She moves powerfully in the prophetic and the healing anointing. Many participants in her meetings testify to receiving miracle healing, experiencing the glory and receiving a fresh anointing of the HolySpirit. At the age of 13 years, God called her and she has never looked back, holding several outstanding positions in the ministry for several years. All through her entire ministry, soul-winning has been her greatest passion. Her goal is to depopulate hell and see many lives transformed through the changing power of Jesus Christ.

She is an incredible testimony of what the Lord can do in the life of anybody who totally yields themselves to the dynamic, redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Her outstanding and dynamic preaching and teaching style leaves lives transformed and everyone glorifying the name of Jesus Christ. Her greatest ambition is to keep on pointing people to Christ and never herself. She is among the many leaders who have made it a point of duty to remain humble before God. Many often hear her saying, "I am here to serve you." As a Bible instructor, she wants to see ordinary Christians transformed into fire-brand believers carrying the torch of God to the nations.


She has several professional degrees and certificates, a few of which includes Doctor of Div., Masters in Christian Ed., Masters in Information Technology Management, Bachelor of Science in Agric. Tech., Bachelor of Science in Nursing etc. She is passionate about training and equipping believers for the end-time harvest and she believes in utilizing whatever tools necessary to impact lives for God's glory. She believes in utilizing all her degrees and knowledge in God's Kingdom.

Dr. Joy has had several dynamic encounters with God which has completely transformed her life and ministry. 


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