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Still Looking for the Blessed Hope?                                              


We look for the blessed hope. We’re expecting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to return any time soon. But what about our Savior Jesus Christ? Will He still find faith in the church? Let everyone who is still sleeping wake up! All sleeping giants wake up! Are you ready for His soon return?


Yes, it’s been so long and some have falling from the faith having giving up already. Don't play church. Your eternal life is at stake here. The only chance you get to repent and secure your eternity in heaven is here on earth. We’re only here temporarily and you already know that. You’ve seen people die including loved ones. Where did they really go? Hell or heaven? You and I don’t really know that but hope that they made it to heaven. Only God and them know. The reality is that some ended up in hell and will do anything to come back and warn those of us that are still alive if it were possible. We always hope that our loved ones are in heaven when they died or die. It’s a matter of life and death. Are you still playing church? Playing with your Life? Only you can answer that question. You are the only one that truly knows if you are born-again and truly living for Jesus. Christ. Many have different reasons why they are in church. They want the blessings but don’t want or care for the giver of the blessings. I urge you to make sure that your name is written in the lambs book of life. Behold, Jesus went to prepare a place for us so that we may be with Him forever. Folks, He is coming again! Ready or not, Jesus is coming soon. Hell was never meant for any human but for the devil and it’s co-hosts.


When Jesus returns, will He still find faith? One thing is for sure, Jesus will not be asking for church bulletins, and our wonderful programs in churches. He will not be asking for how beautiful your church building was or how big and beautiful your house was or is. He will not be asking for your bank account and the amount of money you have or didn’t have. One thing is for sure, death is for sure and after that judgement. God is a just God and will reward everyone accordingly. I am just His humble servant obeying His voice to keep sounding the warning, encouraging you and pleading for you to never give up but stay faithful to the end , and if you don’t know Jesus, confess your sins to Him, repent and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. You can never go wrong with that. Whatever you’re doing here on earth, stay in the faith. Stay in God’s presence and do good to others. Owe no man nothing except the love of Jesus. Never forget Jesus is coming soon and He expects you and I to be there with Him in our own mansions in heaven forever. Glory! Will you be there? Hope that the answer is an affirmative YES.


Be careful how you live your life daily. Be conscious of the fact that He might come any moment in a twinkling of an eye. God is watching. Be careful how you treat others and what’s in your heart. God knows the intents of your heart. May God help us to be faithful to the end. Amen!



GREMinistries Inc.

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