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Global Restoration Empowerment Ministries Inc. (GREM Inc.) is a non-denominational church that operates under the authority and directions of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It grew out of the need to reach the un-churched people of our community and the nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a child-like faith in God and in response to a clear call from God Rev. Dr. Joy Alu founded GREM in 2015. She has been in ministry for years and have pastored various churches. GREM  Inc. first started with a bible study in the home which later grew and continues to grow with signs and wonders following. The Lord continues to confirm His words to His servant every step of the way. The church is currently looking and believing God for a new and bigger facility as they have outgrown the place where they currently meet. 

As God continues to bless GREM Inc., she will continue to expand and reach thousands of souls for Christ. As we await the second coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, GREM Inc. is a significant part of our efforts to continue to reach, evangelize, teach and equip thousands of souls all over the world for Jesus Christ. The effort began as an evangelist since the early 90's in Africa, Caribbean Islands and the USA. God will now have His servant establish GREM Inc. for the single purpose of rescuing, restoring and empowering people for God's purpose. Our moto is "Jesus Rescues, Restores and Empowers" people for greater purpose and supernatural living.


All the glory goes absolutely and completely to God and we praise Him for what He already started and for all He is going to continue to do for His own glory. We are excited about what God is doing in the lives of people. People are getting saved, delivered and their lives restored. Others are experiencing renewed faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are rededicating their lives back to Jesus having discovered through GREM Inc. that the Christian faith can be celebrated in Christ and it can be very exciting. The excitement and the growth will continue until millions of people are reached before Jesus returns.

You are invited to participate in this end-time move of God. It is an exciting time to be alive to see what God is doing in our generation. We are believing God for great revivals in our time. Come and see what God will do in your life, family, friends and through you. Invite others as you come to be tremendously blessed by Jesus. We believe in the operation of the nine gifts of the HolySpirit and that the HolySpirit is still actively working in our life's today. We must surrender totally to the leading of the HolySpirit if we must see countless of souls saved through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Come and partner with us to get the urgent and awesome job of saving souls done. We need you. God needs the gifting He already deposited in you to be activated for His purpose and glory. God wants to heal and make you whole. Thank you for listening to the voice of the Lord and the urgent cry to join a new and vibrant church for the end time move of God.


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