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God Is Faithful

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

If you woke up to see another day, you should know that God is faithful. You have food on your table and didn't have to worry nor scratch your head wandering where your next meal was coming, then you should know that God is faithful. If that thing, that problem, that relationship didn't kill you, then you should know that God is faithful. If that sickness didn't kill you and you are still here, then what are you waiting for? You need to stand up right now, quit complaining and just give God some praises, God is indeed faithful and just. No controversy. It is not by your own power that you wake up each day and still keep kicking in spite of all odds. you ought to shout it out loud! God is faithful! He is forever faithful. What an awesome and merciful God.

By Dr. Joy Alu

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